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Must-Know Open Source products

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Open Source

The Open source community is in a constant growth showing a high level of creativity and competitiveness. When I thought I mastered lots of things about Open Source, I just received the SMILE annual report for Open source solutions test and evaluation: Just wow! I must refresh my directory. The report describes every product in 6 axis charts, varying between 0 and 5 levels:

  • Reputation
  • Dynamic
  • Backend/Framework quality
  • Available resources
  • Scalability
  • Functional scope
Evaluation Chart

Evaluation Chart

I extracted a sort of summary from the whole report with the (~) best product in each field, just to remember 😉

  1. Remote access:
  2. Park and stock inventory:
  3. Deployment& Backup:
    Bascula, Chef, Puppet
  4. High availability:
  5. Security:
    ClamAv, Wireshark
  6. VPN:
    Open VPN, Openswan
  7. Firewall:
  8. Monitoring and metrics:
    Nagios, Centereon
  9. Unix Based OS:
  10. Virtualisation:
    KVM, XEN
  11. Cloud Computing:
    Open Stack, Open Nebula
    Asterisk, Kannel  
  13. Messaging, Mailing, Groupware:
    Zimbra, Postfix (I would add  JSMPP for SMS messaging cause I liked their work)
  14. HTTP Accelerator:
    Squid, Varnish
  15. Entreprise Directory:
    Open LDAP
  16. DB:
    MYSQL, Postgres, Firebird*(I added Firebird  for their great work on embedded databses)
  17. Big DATA:
    Hadoop, Pig, Hive
  18. BPM/Workflow:
  19. Dev tools:
    Eclipse, Maven, Subversion(Netbeans is worth trying too)
  20. Test, continuous integration:
  21. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) :
  22. Web dev frameworks:
    Spring, JQUERY, Symfony
  23. Mobile Crosss-platform frameworks:
  24. PKI:
  25. Load Test:
  26. Search Engine:
    Lucene, Solr
  27. Application Server:
    JBoss AS, Apache Tomcat
  28. MOM & EAI:
  29. CRM:
    Sugar CRM
  30. ETL decisional:
  31. Decisional Reporting:
    Jasper Report, Pentaho
  32. E-Commerce:
  33. ERP/PGI:
  34. CMS:
  35. GED & ECM:
    Alfresco, Nuxeo
  36. E-Learning:

There is a lot of other stuff in the report which you may download here or just subscribe on Smile mailing service to receive its annual report. The report is written in french but you may understand even if you are not good at it.
For abbreviations on the list, you may find by googling 🙂 Underlined green products are the ones  I know, knew, or worked with. Bold ones are the ones I master;)


Author: Salem Ben Afia

Big Data & Java developer Search Engine Architect, Lucene Expert

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