WAS7 – Exceeded the number of allowable managed connection on thread

While using a managed connection on WAS, I’ve been always facing this warning. I wasn’t aware of its severity, until we run to some data loss. The full Warning message is :

0000008d PoolManager W Exceeded the number of allowable managed connection on thread 0000008d. 
1 managed connections are already being used on this thread. 
Managed connection being used on this thread
MCWrapper id 3a473a47 Managed connection WSRdbManagedConnectionImpl@57ce57ce 
State:STATE_TRAN_WRAPPER_INUSE Thread Id: 0000008d Thread Name: WebContainer : 
12 Used with transaction com.ibm.ws.LocalTransaction.LocalTranCoordImpl@36c536c5;RUNNING;

Solving this problem is as simple as :

  1. Go to Data sources > your Datasource or connection factory > Connection pools > Custom properties
  2. Add the custom property: maxNumberOfMCsAllowableInThread with a higher value (In my case 30 was enough)

You do not even need to restart the server as explained here.


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