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How to disable Kerberos in Ambari?


When you fall in the case where your KDC is down and you can’t reach it anymore, it will impossible for you to disable the Kerberos Security through Ambari GUI. Actually, when you request Ambari to disable the Kerberos security via its GUI, it will try to start your Zookeeper to update the different nodes’ configuration. However, if your KDC (or Windows Active Directory) is unreacheable, you can’t go further.

Broken Kerberos Installation

You may try to manually edit files or clean the Ambari database. If you have no luck with this, try to use the REST API, and here is how.

First, create a json file, where you will write the PUT call body:


"Clusters": {
"security_type": "NONE"


Then use this body call using a curl resquest:

curl -H “X-Requested-By:ambari” -u admin:admin -i -X PUT -d @./disable=_krb.json http://your.ambari.server:port/api/v1/clusters/YOUR_CLUSTER_NAME

This should invoke the Ambari process “Disable Security”.


You can find many other details about Kerberos REST management in the groovy KerberosService.