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Get my blog content back!

It seems that data devil is playing around my lap-top. After my disk crash, my WordPress blog was suspended suddenly, with no previous alert! All I saw is is no longer available.
this blog has been archived or suspended for violation of our Terms of Services.
For questions or concerns, contact Support.

Furthermore, my account was suspended too and I can’t login to my dashboard. So I started reading the annoying terms of services. I thought that happened because of photos in my blog; I admit that I have some pictures taken from the net. Then, I read the Suspended blogs support page, and I was about to let down the whole thing thinking that all my posts were lost, because wordpress support, says

If  a blog has been suspended for violating our terms, its domain/URL and content will not be returned.

I don’t know why when I read this line, I heard Mario’s Game Over sound in my head 😀

All I could do is just send a message throught that contact form to wordpress support bagging them to send me back my content. Hopefully they answered me in about three business days saying

Blog Suspended by error

WordPress Support Answer

Ouch! Hopefully it was just a mistake. Once I’ve got my access back, I exported the whole content as an XML file (free export version). I think it’s time for me to install a backup solution on my lap.