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IBM reported process hang for long batch processes

I was looking into WAS logs, while I saw the warning 

WSVR0605W: Thread “WebContainer : 2” (0000005a) has been active for 7305026 milliseconds and may be hung.  There is/are 1 thread(s) in total in the server that may be hung.

I went deeper in the stacktrace, and I found  that this particular process is a batch function that may work for 24hours without any return (batch cleaning job). Well, Webpshere has a thread monitoring policy that will consider a thread ganging after a predefined interval (600 seconds by default). If the process finishes job after this the threshold interval, WAS will report a false alarm as an apologize and will increase threashold interval if this false alarm occurs many times(100) by 1.5 times. 

hmmm… I don’t see this behavior in log files although the process completed after 5 hours…Moreover, the application reported an error (channel call failure).

A quick way to avoid this is to disable thread hang monitoring by setting property to zero or less. This may not be a good choice for many applications as it may hide bigger problems.

The safer way is to calculte the maximum of the time taken by any process in your application and set to a suitable value. In my application that will never be the case as I’m not the full owner of the database, and I found that sometimes, billing system takes all available accesses to the database for many days.


Annestou ….



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WAS7 – Exceeded the number of allowable managed connection on thread

While using a managed connection on WAS, I’ve been always facing this warning. I wasn’t aware of its severity, until we run to some data loss. The full Warning message is :

0000008d PoolManager W Exceeded the number of allowable managed connection on thread 0000008d. 
1 managed connections are already being used on this thread. 
Managed connection being used on this thread
MCWrapper id 3a473a47 Managed connection WSRdbManagedConnectionImpl@57ce57ce 
State:STATE_TRAN_WRAPPER_INUSE Thread Id: 0000008d Thread Name: WebContainer : 
12 Used with transaction;RUNNING;

Solving this problem is as simple as :

  1. Go to Data sources > your Datasource or connection factory > Connection pools > Custom properties
  2. Add the custom property: maxNumberOfMCsAllowableInThread with a higher value (In my case 30 was enough)

You do not even need to restart the server as explained here.